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Al Salam Company for Food Products is not a newly created one. It was established in 1986. Since then, our company has been one of the Syrian Arab companies specialized in producing and distributing Food products of premium quality. As the company had made remarkable progress, it became one of the leading Food companies and one of the Syrian economy pillars, as well. Our success has always based on our high quality products and our commitment with the international specifications standards in the field of producing and distributing conserved foods and in competing the imported products and the constant keeping up with the most recent developments. A new branch of our company opened in Egypt, and another one in Lebanon so as to extend our business in the Arab and European markets and provide our consumers with our products at a large scale. Meanwhile, we seek to open new markets in all Arab and world capitals and cities. Our company has kept on introducing a prominent quality of different items; all kinds of conserves, apricot paste, all kinds of preserved canned food, tomato paste, pickles, olives and jam

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